Michelle Rodriguez: Hot Bisexual Bad Girl

July 29th, 2010

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Some years ago, sexy latina actress Michelle Rodriguez broke off a near engagement to a Muslim boyfriend, citing opposition to religious requirements he demanded of her. After that Michelle dated Vin Diesel, her co-star from The Fast and the Furious.  Michelle was also photographed sharing a kiss with Kylie Minogue’s boyfriend Olivier Martinez and the two were later spotted partying together on Puff Daddy’s yacht in the south of France. Michelle told UK’s Cosmopolitan magazine that she was not lesbian, but had “experimented with both sexes.”  Shortly, her openly bisexual and equally hot Bloodrayne co-star Kristanna Loken’s comments to The Advocate were widely interpreted and reported by the media as an admission that the two were in a relationship, though the relationship was never officially confirmed by either actress. Later, Guinevere Turner, the writer on BloodRayne, confirmed that the two female stars had indeed dated.

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More recently, Michelle Rodriguez was again photographed with Olivier Martinez. This time the two were seen dining together at Chateau Marmont Hotel in Los Angeles where Martinez was staying, with reports claiming she did not emerge from the hotel until the following morning. Curve magazine ran a cover describing her as a “bi bad girl” and considered by many to be trailing an interview in which Michelle would out herself. Michelle never even did an interview with the magazine however, and therefore in response used her blog to criticize the magazine and express her feelings on the issue.

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